Greenslopes Hospital Car Park Transition

ADLT Lighting Project


Transition Lighting requires very high levels of illumination in order to assist drivers to adapt from daylight to artificial light levels as they drive into car parks. Traditionally this is done using a series of 250 to 400W HID fixtures spaced closely together but these types of lights consume large amounts of power and require regular maintenance.

The 120 Watt Cree CPY LED Surface mount canopy luminaire is the perfect solution for transition lighting as it uses less than half the power and requires next to no maintenance. The CPY's slim design also makes the transition lighting system less obtrusive. The CPY is also a prefect option for Loading Docks and petrol station canopies.


  • High Levels of Illumination


  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less obtrusive




Greenslopes Private Hospital


Greenslopes Private Hospital

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