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Inala Skate Park

ADLT Lighting Project


Inala Skate Park, part of D.J. Sherrington Park in the Brisbane suburb of Inala, recently receieved a lighting and pathway upgrade to improve usability, safety and connectivity for users and spectators.

Advanced Lighting Technologies were engaged to supply lighting for the skate park area itself, and all pathways running into the park from various entry points.

The skate park area was lit using the Cree Edge High Output Area & Flood Light (240 LED version). The lighting solution was designed to achieve an average light level of 200 lux (with switching to 100 lux for flexibility). The lighting was programmed to turn off at 10pm each night.

The pathways were lit using the Cree XSP Street & Area Light (both single & double modules). These were designed to comply with the light level requirements for pedestrians (P2), as listed in AS 1158.


  • Meet client's lighting standards


  • Flexibility to increase/decrease light levels as required
  • Improve usability, safety and connectivity for users and spectators


Inala, QLD


Brisbane City Council

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