Mentone Girls Grammar

ADLT Lighting Project


Mentone Grammar were looking to improve the light quality of their multi purpose gymnasium.
Used by students during the week for a variety of sports as well as at nights by local basketball teams for training, it was important to provide light levels compliant with the Australian Standards for this application. The gym is also used as an exam space by the school several times each year and therefore it was also crucial that the lighting solution be of high quality to allow students to be able to read and write comfortably.

The unrivaled performance of the CXB meant that a one for one swap could be achieved with the existing system eliminating further costs for re-wiring or additional lighting.

The results have been well received by all the staff.


  • Maintaining Existing Fixture Positions
  • Compliant Lighting Levels for Basketball Training


  • Substantial Energy Savings
  • No Warm Up Time
  • Reduced Maintenance




Mentone Girls Grammar

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