Sutherland Leisure Centre

ADLT Lighting Project


With a Chlorine environment and glare being an important factor the Edge High Output was chosen for its high performance and relying on reflecting surfaces from the ceiling structure. The Edge High Output is the answer to high output options and decrease the quantity of luminaires without jeopardise quality. This design proves absolutely zero glare and a minimalistic design features to compliment not only the leisure centre but also its ceiling structure to give a natural light effect. The activity during the night is comforting for its various swimming activities taking place in the complex and set for televised lux levels in the competition area on the Swimming Pool.

The light effect has increased its visibility and hence a happier community perspective from the feedback from the staff seemed very positive. These Luminaires are also capable of dimming with Sensors if they choose to use if they do require in the future.

Overall a very clever and respective design in collaboration with the best quality luminaires all backed by a 10 Year warranty with its Cree's Deltaguard Guarantee.


  • Glare
  • Chlorine Environment
  • High Quality Luminaire


  • Energy Reduction
  • Zero Glare
  • Low Maintenance


Sutherland, NSW

Lighting Designer

Electrolight - Ryan Shamier


Sutherland Leisure Centre


Sutherland Shire Council

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