UQ Car Park Lighting Solution

ADLT Lighting Project


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) was engaged by the University of Queensland (UQ) to design and provide a lighting solution for a number of multi-level car parks located within their St Lucia campus. The primary objective was to significantly reduce energy consumption whilst increasing safety and improving the aesthetic.

Required to operate 24/7, the final solution had to deliver both longevity and reliability. ADLT were able to provide a design life of over 15 years using the Cree IG Series Parking Garage Luminaries. The Cree IG Series boasts WaveMax technology – providing a low-glare optical system specifically designed for parking applications.

The WaveMax optic allowed our design team to space each fitting further apart, reducing the number of lighting points and required luminaries. Cree’s WaveMax technology also offers a more even lighting distribution which integrates higher levels of vertical illumination, increasing visibility and creating a safer lighting scheme for occupants.

The Cree IG Series provides the latest in optical technologies with best-in-class longevity backed by a 10 year warranty. In this particular instance, using the Cree IG series should provide a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

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  • Match existing luminaire locations
  • Must provide 50% Energy Reduction
  • Meet AS1680 Standards


  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Long Life
  • Superior Aesthetic




University of Queensland


University of Queensland

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